This year I (Joe Brown) plan to update you, alternating between letters and Sunday night meetings. Our next meeting will be on Sunday, April 17 at 6pm in the Auditorium. For now, here's What's Happening at Calvary!


Teaching two classes that I love

If you are interested in one or both of these classes, please e-mail (two R's) or call Sharron Cook in the office. When I establish dates and times we will email you directly. The cost will be $5 for materials, per class (not per week).


Spiritual Gifts: Finding Your Fit — I will teach through each of the gifts (about 20), including the controversial sign-gifts, and direct you towards serving in a way that is fulfilling and needed by the rest of the Church. Six weeks-long.


Bible Interpretation: From Random Thoughts to Relevant Truth — I will discuss how to approach Scripture so as to discover its true meaning, which often times is different from the reader's meaning. I will also talk about effective ways of communicating God's Word to others; one-on-one, leading a small group, teaching a class, or preaching a whole sermon! Three weeks-long. 



Sign-up to help with and attend the Tabernacle Experience


I have heard that the online process can be complicated and that it's easy to give-up on it. But I'm asking you to be patient and tenacious. Please register and fill slots to help us host, set-up and attend the Tabernacle Experience. Give yourself 15-minutes to do this, because you have to create an account and watch a 10-minute video (Ugh, I know!). We are expecting over 2000 people to come through here, and we need about 100 of you to make it happen. So please visit our website, and follow the path to completion. Take a deep breath and grab a cup of coffee if that helps, but don't ignore this need and opportunity to reach people with life-enduring truth about how Jesus is The True Tent! In addition to helping, please publicize by sharing the event on Facebook, through personal invitations, and using our flyers and posters. Materials are in The Center and the office. 



Messiah in the Passover


(In the Auditorium on Tuesday, 3/22 at 7pm, Wednesday, 3/23 at 6pm, and Thursday 3/24 at 7pm) Our special guest will teach through every part of the Jewish Passover Meal and connect the significance to our relationship with Christ. Some have wondered if we will be eating dinner at this event—no, we won't. There will be books for sale, so come prepared. Also, we'll receive an offering to cover our teacher's travel expenses and support his Christ-centered ministry to the Jewish People in New York. 


Easter Sunday

7:30am (no children's programming), 9am and 10:30am services. Please come to the 7:30am service if you can. Last year the 10:30am service was 110% full, so stay away from that one if possible. It's our tradition and joy to provide light food on Easter. Please sign-up for this in the Center on Sundays, or contact the office. Please park on the outer edges of the lot that morning if you're able. Let's leave the closer-middle spots to our guests. If you're one of the first ones here and last to leave that day, please don't take the prime spots. 

Good Friday

6pm. With so much attention on the Tabernacle and the Passover teaching, don't forget to invite your family and friends to our church for this important service, where we will renew our appreciation for the sacrifice of our Lord. Sorry, there will not be separate children's programming. 


More Baptisms!

(3/6, 3/13, 3/20, 5/1, 8/28) The tank will be filled and the water will be warm. Let us know if you'd like to get baptized. We'll have a conversation with you about what it means to have Jesus in your life and then walk you through the details of what will happen that morning. We will use video so you don't need to worry about telling your story to a live crowd.


In the works...

We're also working on the following: New welcome-packet for first-time guests. Updated, unified name-tags for all of our leaders. New signs as you walk in from the two main parking lots.l New TVs in the lobby and other rooms. New sermon series: "Major Fails and Do-Overs – Learning from the Minor Prophets." Compassion Sunday and the Compassion Experience in May or June. Hosting Walk Thru the Bible (Old Testament this year, New Testament next year). Our search for new youth pastors continues. Over 70 have applied and we're spending a lot of time on this, behind the scenes, seeking God's will. We trust His timing, although I'm just as anxious as anyone to fill these roles and move forward. 

Finally, be in prayer. We're sending out an Easter Week mailing to nearly 44,000 homes, and advertising on the radio and in the newspaper. The Tabernacle, Passover Teaching, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are all about the Gospel. Let's do Church on purpose and give God the glory for the results He will bring. If you're not very engaged in the ministries of Calvary; with sincere pastoral love I say, Own your part in this! Don't just watch all of this happen and evaluate if it pleases you or not. Join us in the work and play your part. Most of you are serving and sacrificing for the cause of Christ, and I love watching YOU DO what I CANNOT DO for Him. But I know there's another gear we can hit, and perhaps you're a missing piece of what God wants us to do together.

With Urgency and Humility,

Joe Brown
Lead Pastor