Because we are a large church, and because we sense that God’s design for our spiritual maturity involves relationships and community, we make Life Groups available to anyone who wants to grow closer to God and His people.  We all discover in life that our most fulfilling relationships come from times of risk, vulnerability and discovery together.

What are Life Groups?

Life Groups are where you will find people being intentional about moving closer to God and learning to love one another. Everything in life is better when shared. Celebration is richer. Sorrow is more bearable. Challenges are put in perspective. Decisions are wiser. We grow faster when people are rooting for us, teaching us, and learning with us.

What will each group study or be involved in?

People typically grow better in life when they are coupled with people they like, or at least with those whom they share a common interest. Because of that, every group may be different, or several can be the same. They can be recreational, artistic, serving-oriented, teaching-led, or discussion-driven. They can be highly relational or very structured. They might focus on families, couples, divorced, singles, young or old. It will all depend on your passion, interest, gift and call. If you have some questions call the office at 209.239.1345.

The Good Book

From August 20 to October 8, 2017 Calvary will participate in The Good Book, an 8-week, church-wide Bible study. During this time, many Life Groups are hosting The Good Book curriculum. Please refer to the Life Groups directory below for listed information about what groups are available to join, where they are located, and when they meet.

RightNow Media

RightNow Media hosts thousands of Bible Study videos and series to explore. Often Life Groups will use videos from RightNow Media as a resource or point of discussion. It's free to sign-up.