Our Lead Pastor Search Team is excited to announce the Pastor Referral process! This process allows Calvary members and attenders to submit information to the Lead Pastor Search Team about potential candidates whom they think would be a good fit for Calvary. It also answers questions about our church and the transition process!

Candidate Referral Form

The Candidate Referral Form is designed to receive your suggestions for a potential candidate for Calvary Community Church. If you believe your referral is a good fit, please fill out this online form, which will be forwarded to our Lead Pastor Search Team. All referrals will be treated with confidentiality

Lead Pastor Profile

Our Lead Pastor profile is a document outlining the qualifications and requirements of Calvary’s new Lead Pastor including, but not limited to education, experience and Spiritual temperament. In addition, this document outlines the basic responsibilities our new Lead Pastor will assume.

Calvary Community Church Profile

Our Church Profile attempts to provide an honest, accurate, and transparent representation of Calvary Community Church. Various ministries are highlighted, and some relevant statistics are provided, all with the goal of giving a potential Lead Pastor an initial insight into Calvary Community Church.

Pastoral Search Team Members

Mark 1_MU_2013.jpg

Mark Belokonny
Transitional Consultant


Josh Bowers
Member at Large


Tom Coyan
Member at Large

Steve Souza
Deacon Board Chair


Cathy Moretto
Member at Large


Warren “Brick” Taylor


Dave Basehore


Bruce Hunter


Steve Karim
Member at Large


Dan Brannon

*Please view the Church Profile to see Search Team biographies.

Lead Pastor Candidate Inquiry

Are you a Lead Pastor curious about a ministry opportunity at Calvary Community Church? If so, please send an email to our Lead Pastor Search Team Chairman Steve Souza at steve.souza@calvarymanteca.org. Please include your current church name and website (if currently serving in a church), your experience with leading large (800 or larger) churches, and any other information you may think pertinent. Please know that all correspondence will be held in the highest of confidentiality.

Pastoral Search Team

The Pastoral Search Team has been formed. The team is being resourced by our Transitional Consultant, Mark Belokonny and the Executive Director of Next Gen Churches, David Whitaker. They are: Steve Souza, Bruce Hunter, Brick Taylor, Dave Basehore, Dan Brannon, Josh Bowers, Tom Coyan, Cathy Moretto, and Steve Karim.